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There is a global concern on energy efficiency in our day to day activities. This has led to introduction of Energy Performance Certificates in the United Kingdom. commercial epc london ensures that business premises or any other building used for commercial purposes are operating efficiently with regards to energy utilisation. The certificates show the grading of the commercial building on a scale from A to G. they ensure the public know the efficiency of the building.

Extra information about commercial epc london


The certificate is issued for buildings whose construction has been completed and buildings that are up for sale or rent purposes. In addition, buildings which have had structural adjustments which affect the air conditioning systems are also required to acquire new grading for energy efficiency. There are fines for not complying with these requirements and these fines will depend on the size of the building and other factors.

Display of EPC

There is requirement for conspicuous display of the certificates in buildings that are open to the public. If you are a business person and your premises are visited by the citizens of London frequently, you are required to display your certificate. Buildings of over 500 square metres and rental buildings whose certificates have been processed also need to have them on display.

Exemptions to display of Certificates

The laws however have some exemptions as to the buildings whose certificates need to be on display. The churches and other religious buildings are some of these buildings. Others will include buildings that occupy less than 50 square metres, temporary buildings, industrial buildings whose energy consumption is considerably low and buildings that are set for demolishing.


An assessment is required before issuance of the certificate. For commercial buildings, this is done by a commercial energy assessor. While selecting a firm or person to conduct the assessment, you should consider the structural features of the building, the level of expertise and experience required, the cost and the validity of the certificate issued. The certificates issued in the United Kingdom usually have a validity of ten years.

Penalty appeal

There are instances when a penalty issued for a contravention may be, in your own opinion, out of proportion. If this is the case, you have the right to appeal for a review of the penalty. The documentation that informs you of the charge will guide you on the procedures to follow while presenting your appeal. However, the appeal has to be done within a span of 28 days after the charge has been issued. The appeal is presented to the courts and if it is rejected, a confirmation letter for the initial penalty will be sent. The appeal may be technical and thus you may find it necessary to employ a lawyer to help out.


An assessment will vary from one building to the other. The expertise required will also vary so does the period of time required for the assessment. All these factors interplay to determine the cost of an energy efficiency assessment. Besides this, an assessor may offer advice on how to make a building more energy efficient and thus may add onto this while determining the amount they will be paid.

Energy is a resource that should be very well utilised. It has so much importance that we cannot afford to misuse it at our convenience. This is one reason why commercial epc London was put in place.